Insider Shopping Service Suspended

This site is not fully operational, so if you wish to contact me about doing some shopping for you, please contact me by email at:

The Hokkaido Insider is ready to serve those who wish to shop at Costco Sapporo, but are unable to do so due to distance, time and costs required. This is a Personal Shopping Service, so if you have any trouble finding what you want, simply contact me. I cannot put every product on the website, but I may be able to purchase what you are looking for.

The website is still under construction with respect to some functions and although there are several hundred products you can view, there are many more that are available at Costco. If you know of something they sell which you want me to buy for you, just describe it and I will find it. I want people to become familiar with the website, so the doors are open for viewing, and you can place an order by email, if you would like to do so..

Costco changes prices quite often by small amounts and there are hundreds of products. This makes it difficult to keep up with the changes, but I will try to keep them current. My hope is that minor increases and decreases will balance out in your order.  However, if the price of something is significantly higher than shown, I will contact you for approval before making the purchase. I added in the service fee and rounded it off to the nearest 25 yen to give you an idea as to what it will cost you. This is exclusive of any shipping fees required.

Do not make any payment until the Hokkaido Insider informs you of the total price.  Products may not be available or may not fit in the box being shipped.  I trust the people I am shopping for, just as they trust me to do their shopping for them. This will ensure that you only pay for the products and service you receive.

Until the online order system is finished, I am asking you to simply email your orders to me.  This means you have to copy and paste the name, description and price which appear under the image of each item you want to buy into an email message.  Please indicate if you want more than one of a particular item. I apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


You can enjoy a large variety of sweets and snacks at exceptionally low prices.
product details
Dry Groceries
This is pretty much everything that is boxed or bottled, except fresh, refrigerated and frozen.
product details

There are many refrigerated items as well as frozen goods that are perfect for the home .
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Beer, Wines & Liquor
A broad selection of alcoholic beverages are sold at Costco and the prices are very low.
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Hokkaido Insider Shopping Service Growing

There will be new product categories added as time goes by and the product directory will expand to accommodate them.


The Hokkaido Insider Shopping Service is a personal shopping service so we will do everything in our power to help you benefit from shopping with us. We are always open to suggestions to improve the site and service.

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