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Seminars and Workshops during April 2018 at the Sapporo Int'l Communication Plaza


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Personal items for sale such as used cars, household goods, etc can be advertised. Contact me with the details.


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Local Business Sponsors can advertise their services to the Hokkaido Insider readers.


To view the services offered by current Sponsors, please click on the links or banners below.

Hokkaido Multinational Senior Community

hokkaido insider serviceS

The Hokkaido Insider Services are solely operated by Ken Hartmann who has been in Sapporo for over 30 years. You can learn more about Ken and his family by clicking on the PROFILE tab above.

subscription JOB Service

This is an "email" subscription service intended for those who are primarily looking for teaching positions or perhaps other jobs for native speakers in Hokkaido, Japan. There is a small fee required for this service, so read the details by clicking on the JOBS tab above. Also don't forget to read the FAQ page. The FAQ link is at the top.

subscription sales Service

The next service is the Personal Sales Service which helps locals to recycle personal items. This service has been used by many to sell used cars, furniture and other items, rather than throwing them away. There is a nominal fee depending on the value of the items being sold and the time involved in getting the information posted to the mailing list and my website. Please click on the SALES tab above for a detailed explanation.

subscription business sponsorship Service

The final subscription service is for local business entities, especially those run by ex-pats, to promote their business to the Hokkaido Insider readers and have their logos or banners linked to my website. This somewhat offsets the cost of providing the free Hokkaido Insider News service.

Free Insider News Service

The original and still the primary service is the general Hokkaido Insider News announcements sent directly to your email address. Click on the NEWS tab above to see what kind of information is sent out. To sign up for these free announcements just send an email to the Hokkaido Insider requesting that your name (please provide full name) and address be added to that list. Click on Request Free News link or any CONTACT link on this page to send me a message.


If for some reason the CONTACT link does not work, just send an email message to: info[AT] Replace [AT] with @ mark.

special useful bookmark links

You will notice some special links that I have provided through Xmarks, a bookmark sharing service I have been using for many years. The allow me to share my personal sets of bookmarks with others through one simple link. I have organized several folders so that you can view websites that I feel are excellent resources. For example, within the Living Support folder you will find Dental/Medical Services in English, which is very important for expats living here. Those links appear in the column to the right and are updated instantly whenever I change my bookmarks. Of course you cannot change them, but you can bookmark those that you like in your own computer. If you have some sites that you wish to recommend to me, please send them to me.

message for EMPLOYERS

If you know of ANY JOBS available in Hokkaido that are available for native English speakers or non-native with good English or other foreign language skills, please contact me by email with the details of the position. There is no charge for the first time announcement by a private company to have a job announced, but if you wish to establish a longer term relationship to have me help find staff, an annual registration/edit fee of 5,000 yen will be required which will cover a one year period. Please use the CONTACT link at the bottom of this page in order to get in touch with me for further details. This Contact system should open up a write message window in your computer's email program. If this does not work send a message on your own to info[AT], and replace [AT] with an @ mark.

Business sponsors of the Hokkaido Insider make it possible for me to send out the general Insider News bulletins free of charge. It also keeps the Job Service and Personal Sales fee very low. Sponsors get to make announcements to the Insider News readers on behalf of their business.

As the sole owner of this service, I reserve the right to decide what will be broadcast, and to make minor changes for the sake of clarity. In general, common sense will be the basis for decisions. I accept no financial responsibility for inaccuracies which may occur.