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In general the school year is just beginning from April so things have been slow during the Spring break.


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In general, there are NO LINKS to the jobs indicated below. They are real jobs with details sent by mail to subscribers.

If you are interested in receiving details, please use the contact link above.

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F/T Teachers Language School for Young Children in Sapporo and Asahikawa branches. One month training in Tokyo


Temporary Replacement Teacher from Jan. 19th in Sapporo at Kindergarten become full time from April


F/T Teacher Language School from end of Feb for Young Children in Sapporo


Native spekaers of English to assist with Sake Booth at the Snow Festival Sapporo between Feb 5-12


P/T Teachers for baby and toddler classes Tue-Wed mornings from April 2018 at small school in Sapporo


2 F/T Teachers Intensive After School from April for Kindergarten and Elementary in Sapporo


2 F/T Teachers Language School from Feb for Young Kids and Older Kids in Sapporo


F/T Pre-school Early Years Administrative Coordinator in Sapporo


F/T University from Feb for Technological Education


Tour Guides, Adminstrative Manager and Web Designer at Hokkaido Tour Company in Sapporo


P/T one day a week for one year teaching French at a Senmon Gakko in Sapporo starting March 2018


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The Job Service covers a one year period for a fee of 5,000, or an equivalent amount in the currency of your choice. Contact the Hokkaido Insider to receive an invoice for payment.

Insider Job Service

Many people interested in teaching English in Japan have difficulty locating schools with openings. It is a time consuming task to scour the Internet looking for job openings. Job hunters have no idea where the schools are located and what is really necessary to be able to work in Japan. Job seekers who are looking for employment opportunities only pay a 5,000 yen fee for one full year of job announcements and personal advice/support.

The Insider Job Service is intended to give you an edge in your search for employment, be it part-time or full-time, especially in Hokkaido. A number of schools and other businesses let me know when a position becomes available. In addition, I search for and pass on openings that are posted elsewhere. My goal is to assist subscribers with timely job information so that they can get their foot in the door, as early as possible.

How do schools and other companies post job openings?

If a school/company has an opening they should simply contact the Hokkaido Insider by email and provide the details on the position along with the contact information. I am happy to work with you to prepare the announcement. Private schools and other companies that wish to have their positions announced via the Hokkaido Insider will be asked to pay an annual 5,000 yen registration/editing fee to cover all job announcements for a one year period. This system is used so as not to discourage submissions of work opportunities by employers and to recognize the effort involved on my part to work with companies to prepare the best ad and reach the people you are looking for. Business sponsors of the Hokkaido Insider will be allowed to post job advertisements free of any additional charge.

What should you do, if you wish to subscribe to the Job Service?

The first thing to do is to contact me and give me details on your current situation and what kind of job you are hoping to find. In addition, I would appreciate receiving a copy of your resume/CV so as to get a feel for your background. I never send your resume/CV to anyone, but use it to reach those who qualify for special job opportunities. For, example a company wants someone who lives in a particular area. Finally, indicate how you would like to pay for the service. Payment option details appear on the Payments page.

When you sign up for the Hokkaido Insider Job Service, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with an emergency alternate email address, in addition to your primary address to use for the announcements, just in case I have trouble sending you these notices. Don't forget to check your spam folder if you do not hear from me or failed to receive announcements that you saw posted on this web page.

What do subscribers receive?

If you decide to join, the first thing I will do, after confirming receipt of the fee, is email you my favorite links of useful information about working in Japan and several directories of schools in Hokkaido that are known to employ native speakers of English. It is up to you to research these schools or to check out the website links provided. Many of these are places that have advertised positions with me in the past. I will also email you any recent announcements that were posted. Some of these may have been filled, however it will give you an idea as to the types of jobs being disseminated and the detailed requirements for these positions.

How about jobs outside Hokkaido?

For jobs located outside Hokkaido, I occasionally email full-time university, high school and select language school teaching position announcements, if I believe the position will truly be of interest to subscribers. There may even be an occasional job announcement for another country, because some subscribers already living in Hokkaido are interested in teaching in another part of the world.

How about non-teaching jobs?

Recently there have been other businesses looking for native speakers or bilingual staff. I do come across other employment opportunities that are not English teaching positions. These include teaching other languages, computer technology related positions, service industy, and even physical labor. I am willing to post any job that appears to be an opportunity to earn some honest money.

With respect to job announcements, I do not consider it to be discriminatory to inform teachers that certain jobs might have restrictions pertaining to nationality, gender or age. I would rather inform you of the facts, and let you decide whether or not to apply. Also, keep in mind that the Japanese school year begins in April and ends in March. However, there are a few schools that operate on the Western school year, and language schools do tend to hire at the beginning of a semester or whenever the need arises due to unexpected growth or teachers departing the area.