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public service News announcements (free)

In addition to the fee based Insider Job and Business subscription services, I try to broadcast useful News information that is of particular interest to expats living in Hokkaido. Public Service announcements are sent out free of charge to everyone. They include information about:

  • Government and NPO/NGO bulletins of interest to expats

  • Public events in Hokkaido that are typically free of charge

  • Local business information (all Hokkaido Insider sponsor links appear on the Business page) of particular interest to expats

  • Travel and weather warnings and other useful advice

  • Legal changes that could affect foreign residents

  • Miscellaneous announcements judged to be of value to all

To receive the free Hokkaido Insider Public Service News, simply send a message to the Hokkaido Insider by clicking the "Contact" button at the top or bottom of this page. Your email program should initiate a message to me.


If for some reason the CONTACT link does not work, just send an email message to: info[AT] Replace [AT] with the [@] mark.

When posting messages to the Insider News readers, I try to avoid revealing the email addresses of those on the mailing list, by placing all recipient addresses in the blind copy (Bcc:) field. However, if you wish to have someone contact you when you have me post an announcement on your behalf, it is up to you to determine the contact information you wish people to use, as it will appear within the announcement.


In addition, I do my best NOT to send ANY attachments from the Hokkaido Insider to the mailing list. If you receive any message with an attachment from my email address, it could possibly be from someone pretending to be me.  Therefore, NEVER click on any such attachments. Please contact me directly if you receive such a message, and I will clarify the situation.


Please realize that the Public News bulletins rarely include job announcements. If you truly wish to know about ALL job openings, you should consider a subscription to the Hokkaido Insider Job Service. It only costs ¥5,000 for one full year, and the information and job advice provided is very useful, making it a very worthwhile investment. You can also receive ALL NEWS announcements and the Job Service announcements for only 5,000 yen combined. Subject to change upon further notice.

When you sign up for the Hokkaido Insider News delivery, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with an alternate email address, from a different server, in addition to the main address you prefer me to use for the announcements.

Important Notice: [Rejection problems with some servers]

Since 2020 I have had serious problems with sending announcements to those using Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Live and even iCloud servers to receive the Hokkaido Insider bulletins. Therefore, I have established a policy of not accepting any of those email servers, except for emergency notice purposes. I will only accept Gmail, Yahoo, Mac/Me, school/work addresses, and private servers to subscribe to my service.

To start learning more about Hokkaido before you come here, or if you are new to the area, I suggest that you visit my personal bookmarks which are well organized. They are broken down into three categories on the bottom right side of this page. There are also special links to PDF files regarding the Pension System and Healthcare System in Japan. Those can be found at the bottom of the FAQ page. The tab for the FAQ page is at the top of any page you visit.