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If you are in Hokkaido, I can send out an ad to my mailing list if you want to sell something. Click on "Contact" above to let me know what you want to sell.

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The Personal Sales Service covers a one time only + update announcement that can be sent out for as little as 2,000 yen depending upon the value and photo work required.

For business sales the one time fee is 5,000 yen. Please check the Business link above for more information.


Payment options include postal transfer. regular mail and PayPal.

Personal sales service

Personal sales are a great way to foster recycling of major items, thereby avoiding disposal fees.  I really want to encourage people to pass on useable items to others, rather than simply storing them forever or putting them in the trash.  Recently, even the recycle shops will give almost nothing for something that you know still has real value.  Why not try to sell it to someone for a nominal price or perhaps even give it away for free?

The Hokkaido Insider Personal Sales Service offers non-business Sales promotion to its Hokkaido Insider readers for a fee rangng from 2,000 to 5,000 yen, depending upon the time required by me to prepare the announcement and the value of the items being sold. In general, the fee covers the sending out of an announcement with one possible update revision within 30 days for the fee agreed upon. The fee for advertising very expensive items such as cars, homes, etc. is subject to negotiation.


I ask that you send me a Word or PDF file of the announcement with photos embedded, which you would like to have sent out and I will get back to you regarding the fee required. If the sale content is available on your own personal website, you can simply send me the link.


Personal Sales Service success

The percentage of successful sales through the Hokkaido Insider has been well over 90%. Your announcement will reach almost 1000 people and many of these people pass the information on to friends and relatives. If items are priced fairly they typically will find a new home. For large items it is certainly better to receive something for them rather than paying to throw it way.

Payment Options: When you contact me by email, please indicate how you would like to pay the fee. You can pay by mail, postal/bank transfer or even PayPal.

Giving away items and contact info

I do not charge a fee if the announcement only contains an offer to give away items for free. However, keep in mind that people are supposed to contact the individual providing the goods and not the Hokkaido Insider. As a result, I require detailed contact information to be provided in the announcement, including the name of the person. I ask that you also check carefully that the contact information which you send to me has no typing mistakes.


Those who take advantage of this Sales Service will be helping to support the time and effort required to provide the free Hokkaido Insider Public News Service.


private business exception

This service cannot be used for promoting private businesses, which are covered under the Hokkaido Insider Business Service. For example, if someone wishes to advertise such things as a rental of an apartment they own, this will be treated as a business advertisement. If you are not sure how your announcement should be classified, please send it to me requesting clarification.

Waiver of responsibility:

With respect to the Insider announcements I am not to be held responsible for errors that may appear within the messages. I do my best to screen the content prior to posting it, but don't have the time to call every number and check every link within the announcements. If you discover an error that is significant, I ask that you let me know so that I may inform others. Your understanding will be appreciated.  I reserve the right to do some editing for the sake of clarity and to decide when and if an announcement should be broadcast.  Finally, I take no responsibility for the condition/quality of the items being offered for sale.  This is simply a service to connect people with other people and for those people to work things out between themselves.